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Iceleron [userpic]

Some Days...

September 28th, 2008 (07:25 am)

current mood: horny

Some days you meet people you know have the potential to change your life!
I love those days.

And I love those people!

I really need to find out when I can travel overseas. I should be able to save the money, more so with help. I think the biggest problem would be begging work to let me do it. With all the time I've had off for the surgery crap over the past 4 months, its really gonna be a stretch!

There are a few people I really want to go and meet overseas. Years ago, this would have been nothing but a fantasy. Its great to know I can actually do something about this.

Dream are nice, but better when they are achievable .

There are a number of guys overseas that I'm starting to make really good friends with. I wont list them right now, cause with my memory, I'd be bound to miss someone out! But they are all very dear and important to me.

There are also a select few out there who are more special to me, people who I think we could possibly be more than friends. I worry that I latch on to guys like that, because I am so lonely these days.

Potential partners? Yes they are there. There is two in particular that have attracted my attention. One in the USA, and the other more recently from Canada.

I'm not going to name names, they know who they are. But I wanted to be up front, in particular I know one of them might be a little upset that there is perhaps another more recent guy turning this polar bear's head.

I don't know what the future holds.


(Deleted comment)
Posted by: Iceleron (iceleron)
Posted at: September 27th, 2008 10:06 pm (UTC)

OMG! Its a Kaji pup! *snugs tightly* How is Scotland treating you? Are kilts sexy?

(Deleted comment)
Posted by: Iceleron (iceleron)
Posted at: September 27th, 2008 10:38 pm (UTC)

Oh I couldn't ever forget you! The events surrounding the days I spent time with you are forever etched in my memory.

And I think you know why! *grins*

Posted by: Marrra (Tmara) (ladytmara)
Posted at: September 27th, 2008 10:32 pm (UTC)

*hugs tightly* Yay you! I'm so happy that you're meeting more people, honey. And potential partners? W00t! I think I'm jealous ;) I hope you have a lot of fun, babe.

Posted by: Mad Dog (maddogairpirate)
Posted at: September 27th, 2008 10:52 pm (UTC)

He's aliiiiive! *grins*

That's the trouble with the world. It's so damned big. Eh, hell. I'll take it anyway.

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