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Iceleron [userpic]

Eat Fresh...

July 31st, 2007 (05:17 pm)

current location: At Work
current mood: amused

Yesterday a friend of mine told me he had to go into work early because someone ordered a few thousand dollars worth of subway subs.

Monthly at work we have our 'Reward and Recognition' where we give certificates and stuff to those at work we nominate who have done excellent jobs etc. On these days Lunch and dinner is provided for us by the company. A few months back it was Red rooster, then was had slushies and sausage sizzles.

Today, it was Subway, and there were a LOT of sandwiches being passed around.

I cant help but wonder if my friend made me lunch today...

Iceleron [userpic]

A little sick, a little depressed.

May 30th, 2007 (06:05 pm)

current mood: gloomy

I warned Broc that I get mopey when I get sick.
Fortunaly he has been extra snuggly toward me.

I have a sore throat again, the one thing that can really affect me at work. So I went to the doc's today and got some antibiotics. That should fix things up before my tonsils get out of hand again. I also needed to pick up a few things, shampoo, conditioner, more listerine, soap. Trust me to forget deoderant again, the very thing I told myself not to forget.
I try to remember things a lot more, I really do.
Stupid memory.

When I feel sick I feel blue.

When I began working 1pm-9pm I felt more than a little broken inside. I barely get to see Broc at this stage. One day a weekend really. The otehr day is usually spend gaming, and while I see him, it's not exactly quality time.

Broc of course is very very supportive and I know he is proud of me getting a job and sticking to it, even if he doesn't say it. He also stays up a little later each night to see and talk to me.
This means more to me that I think he realises.

On the brighter side, I've been spoken to by some higher up freinds at work. They have told me now that I am permamnet at work, if I focus hard for the next month, I may be able to request to be put in for the morning shift 8am-4pm. Which I would be MUCH MUCH happier to do.

I really want to see the new Pirates movie soon too... I almost went and saw it today. But I really want to see it with Broc. The last one I really enjoyed, so I'm looking forward to this film.

At least my sore throat and softer voice hasn't come with a huge bout of coughing sickly.

Iceleron [userpic]

(no subject)

May 17th, 2007 (12:12 am)

"Within each Potion bottle, you get 100ml of "herb drink," a subtle blend of Royal Jelly, Propolis Extract, Elderberry, Camomile, Sage, Thyme, Hyssop, Fennel, Marjoram, Rosemary, Basil and Melissa, not to mention carbonated water, caffeine and artificial coloring. To be honest, it tastes just like any other Japanese "genki" drink, and there's not much of a difference in taste between this and a can of Red Bull, though Potion probably contains less chemicals."


Here's another pic... ooh the liquid is light blue!!!!

Iceleron [userpic]


May 17th, 2007 (12:06 am)
current mood: Pouty

check this out!



Japan bought out a drink with the Final Fantasy 12 game called 'Potion'
Man.... They get all the cool stuff!

Iceleron [userpic]

It's the little things...

May 10th, 2007 (11:05 pm)

current mood: loved

I've had a particular long day at work. You know the kind that jus seems to drag on and on.
I almost missed my bus stop again on the way home, I was just trying to relax.

I get home, the bedroom is dark...

Broc's not here... hmmmm.. Was he going somewhere tonight? I thought the dinner with his workmates was tomoorow... no matter.. I need to relax, and find something to eat. I was starving.

I undress, and have a quick shower. I towel off when I hear Broc's voice call for me.

Broc is in the lounge room.

My heart melts.

Broc has setup a hot meal, prepared a drink for me, and has an episdoe of Voyager all setup for us to snuggle on the couch and watch.

I'm the luckiest Polar Bear in the world!

I love my horse so very much!
He is such an amazing guy!

Iceleron [userpic]


April 12th, 2007 (11:21 pm)
current mood: much better

Don't beleive him!
Broc may want you to think he's a big tough horsie!

But the truth is... he's a real sweety, who giggles when he pokes my belly!

*hugs him tightly*

Mwa hahahaaaa. Now the WHOLE WOLRD knows!!!

Iceleron [userpic]

(no subject)

April 11th, 2007 (11:11 pm)

current mood: depressed

Someone online told me today: "He's usually so happy and cheerful when you are at work. And when you get home, he suddenly becomes sad and depressed."

I'm a monster...
I need to get better...
and I promise I will!

(This entry has been edited for various reasons)

Iceleron [userpic]


March 31st, 2007 (08:21 am)

current mood: giddy
current song: Hardware Store - Weird Al

It's my birthday!

I turn 28 today. (ugh and feeling old)

Broc bought me the complete series 1-5 of family guy. YAY! I know I've seen most of them if not all, but I love the show and have wanted my own dvd set!
Broc is also at the moment making me fresh buttermilk pancakes. He makes them in a very elaborate way and I cant wait to try them. MMmmmmm

*dances about*

Iceleron [userpic]

I can see!

February 27th, 2007 (11:03 pm)
current mood: Visionaric
current song: the Brisbane night air...

I have new glasses now.
Vision rocks!!! I'm such a huge fan of being able to see!
I wonder if I look smarter with my new glasses.
I wonder if they will make me smarter O_O

In other news, job searching is going into high gear! WIll... find... employment!
I'm very determined to find work and earn some money.
I'm a little worried what my work schedual might end up like though.
With call center type jobs, I could be working really odd hours and on weekends too!

I'm also loosing weight I think. Slowly but surely.
I put it down to the heaps more walking I have been doing, and my much better eating habits.

I should get back into my fitness program too.
Why is it that working out seems so scary and daunting?

My mum's bday is on Saturday too. I'd love to be able to fly donw there and surprise her with breakfast in bed or something. But looking at prices to fly to Mount Gambier and back... over $600... Ouch!
I'd be nice to see the family again, but I dont have that kind of cash.
Unfortunately, with a job. I'll have the cash, but probably not the time...

Iceleron [userpic]

All the cool kids are doing it!!

February 24th, 2007 (10:26 am)
current location: In the bedroom/cave/stable?
current mood: meme'd
current song: the hum of the pc.

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